Dream: Bridge to Glory (Part 2)

June 4, 2018

I had this dream in May of this year, and while it wasn’t long, it reminds me of one other dream I had many years ago.  I’ve only had these 2 dreams on this topic, and I do feel that one is connected to the other.  So we’ll start with my most recent dream.

I see myself sitting on a motorbike (not one of the huge harley-types, but a smaller, more refined version), and as I’m straddling it between my legs, I’m looking back over my left shoulder into a large meadow where I knew the Church had just had some event that was now ending and clearing away.  My bike is perched on top of a small embankment which looks to be about 7-8 feet deep, and I now begin going down into it.  At the top of this embankment it was broad daylight, as I get to about half way down, it’s evening, and when I hit the bottom of it, it’s dark night, but I am not afraid or concerned.

I see when I’m at the bottom of the embankment, that there is a trench – almost like a small stream, though because it’s dark I can’t see if there’s water in it, but there is a bridge over it.  This bridge is not an ordinary bridge, it’s built much like a cattle guard bridge, but instead of the bars running horizontally, these run the same direction the path I’m on is running – straight ahead of me.  It’s easy therefore to head my bike onto one of these metal rails and just travel across the trench, because the rail is almost exactly the width of my bike’s tire – about 2″.

Just as I begin to cross the bridge I hear the not-to-distant cry of an owl, not long – about 3 hoots, but it was most distinct and clear.  I continue until I’m about half way across the bridge when I hear the not-too-distant yelp of a young fox, again, not long, just 3 yelps or howls, and very distinct.  Again, I’m not afraid or worried, but continue unhesitatingly across the bridge and see myself on my motorbike, riding onto the path on the other side, and heading off to the right-hand side.   END of dream.


If it doesn’t sound like much ‘glory’ to you, it’s because you don’t know dream 1, so stay tuned.

Author: B.L.Brown

I'm a regular person just like you - no degrees or great accomplishments. However, God's call on my life and my subsequent walk with God, has included some very unique and 'off-the-beaten-path' revelations and experiences that God has taken pains to make sure I properly understood. These were not given for my information or edification alone, but are extremely important truths for the time we have arrived at, and when the anointing is given, they will be vital for people to prepare for Christ's coming. Thus, it is now time for me to share what God has revealed to me, and to provide an outlet for others to share divinely revealed instructions. Let's go!

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