Dream: Bridge To Glory (Part 1)

June 6, 2018

This is the first dream of two that I had on this topic, and I had this many years ago.

It begins with me and several others clustered around a particular person who was building some kind of bridge across a stream.  As he was building it, we were prophesying, and praising God, encouraging him to continue his work and finish it.  That scene then ended and it seemed like time passed though it was not clear how much.  I only know it wasn’t a lot.

I see myself coming back to this bridge which had indeed been completed, but it had been built in 2 halves that looked – for lack of a better description – like saloon doors, the kind you would see in your typical Western type of movie.  These halves were in an ‘open’ position – \   /, which meant the bridge could not be crossed over, so I decided to lay each of the halves down myself and cross over.  When I did, I noticed that there was a weathered spot about the size of a quarter or just slightly bigger, on the righthand side of the bridge.  It had not gone through the wood, but was just a couple of layers down, so the integrity of the wood was still intact, and thus I decided I could walk on it and go across.

As I began to walk onto the bridge, I was struck right from my inner spirit, right out, with an all-encompassing feeling of absolute dread and awe, along with a feeling that I was being ‘known’ in every fibre of my being.  There wasn’t a molecule of me that was not seen and known for what it was, and it was so overwhelming that it caused me to stop in my tracks.  Part of me was absolutely struck with dread, but another part knew that I would be okay, so I just stood there just being overwhelmed.

At that point I’m not sure if I heard some kind of sound, or just felt that something huge was going on, but I looked up into the sky – which I must explain was filled with a golden-hued mist.  As a matter of fact, this mist went from the sky right down to the earth I was walking on, so it totally seemed like sky and earth were becoming one, or were literally one-and-the-same.  That being said, I looked upwards into what I knew was the sky, and to my utter shock, I observed absolutely gigantic crystals being ‘birthed’ downwards towards the earth, from the heavens.

These crystals were scintilating and sparkling in the brilliance of the sun, and were themselves, overwhelming both in beauty and sheer size.  I don’t know how I kept standing, but I was totally captivated by these crystals.  It was then that I noticed that these crystals were all on the lefthand side of the sky, corresponding to the lefthand part of the bridge, and that the righthand side had only one crystal being birthed downwards,  which had some gathering of frost on one of its corners, as if it wasn’t quite perfect.  I realized immediately this corresponded with the weathered spot on the righthand side of the bridge, and that this spot, though not big or nasty, was the reason the righthand side had not birthed more crystals, and also why the one it did birth had a not-quite-perfect gathering of frost on it.

The crystals on the left were all full-bodied, that is more rounded in shape.  They were cut into many facets however, so they were extremely reflective and filled with sparkles in the brilliant sunshine.  Every crystal on the left was absolutely perfect to behold.  The one on the right was long and slender with more pointed features, and while it didn’t have as many facets or cuts to it, it seemed to shine brighter and more beautifully than any of those on the left.  Don’t misunderstand me though.  All the crystals were beautiful, and fascinating, and all but the one corner on the longer more slender one, were absolutely perfect.

As I stood there looking at them, I knew that my feeling of awe and dread, and of being known, was directly responsible for every one of these crystals, and their being birthed down towards the earth.  And while it was a most dreadful feeling, it was somehow empowering at the same time.  For some reason or other, I desired the one crystal on the righthand side more than any of the others.  Though it had less facets, it was the most brilliant and to me – beautiful, it seemed to address something in particular inside of me.

After studying these things for a few moments, I decided to keep on walking across the bridge, and when I got to the other side, I was somehow directed or informed that I could only explore the land on the lefthand side.  It was filled with this golden-hued glory-mist, and was very beautiful, though it seemed all the trees were somehow stunted – much shorter than they should be.  Nevertheless, I explored every square foot of the land on the lefthand side, and when I came back out of it, I crossed the bridge and went directly to the people who had helped me encourage the particular man who had built the bridge.  When I caught up with them I asked each one why they had not gone across the bridge.

Each one gave me some excuse, they had another project going on, hadn’t planned on going in yet, were busy doing something else, etc., on went the excuses, and I knew that’s what they were.  But I told them anyway that it was a beautiful land, well worth their going into it and seeing it for themselves.  Not one of them wanted to have anything to do with it.  But I told them that I was going to go back into that land and when I did, I was never coming out again. END OF DREAM

Author: B.L.Brown

I'm a regular person just like you - no degrees or great accomplishments. However, God's call on my life and my subsequent walk with God, has included some very unique and 'off-the-beaten-path' revelations and experiences that God has taken pains to make sure I properly understood. These were not given for my information or edification alone, but are extremely important truths for the time we have arrived at, and when the anointing is given, they will be vital for people to prepare for Christ's coming. Thus, it is now time for me to share what God has revealed to me, and to provide an outlet for others to share divinely revealed instructions. Let's go!

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