Interpretation to 2 Dreams of Crossing the Bridge to Glory

June 11, 2018

The first dream began with me and several others encouraging and prophesying words from God to direct someone who was building a bridge over a stream.  Encouragement and direction are a prophet’s role in the undertaking of a project, and that is precisely what I was while going to a Spirit-filled Church at a certain point in my life.  I and a few others were backing up the work of a particular person who had come into our midst to give us a new revelation of God – a revelation that was to be the bridge over to the New Land.

It’s also true that after he had revealed this revelation to us, that time passed before I came to the point where I was ready to literally enter into what God had been talking to us about.  That the door came in 2 halves, left and right, speaks of the inner condition of my spirit during that time, and actually confirms the scripture of Psalm 86:11 where the Psalmist prays “..unite my heart to fear your name..”  We don’t know it but our hearts are not working together as a unit because of the fall of mankind, so if you’re still under the Covenant of Faith – the spiritual level of Pentecost, that’s where you’re at.  True unity is not possible until our hearts/natures are healed of our fall, and faith doesn’t do it.

But just as in the dream, I came back to the revelation that I had been taught, and having been better processed in God, was ready to bring things together and work as a whole being, not a half-and-half.  The 2 halves represent those who follow – on the left, and those who lead – on the right.  In a Pentecostal level of walk, these are very distinct.  But because of my obedience to God’s leadings in my life, and my having been better processed, I had received this revelation for myself, and other revelations that God had given me in addition to it, and thus was ready to move as a whole person, each half working together with the other as one.

This is why I could put the two halves of the bridge down so that they were a unit.  The weathered spot on the bridge on the right-hand side, reveals that I had trouble relating to my role as a leader at that time.  It wasn’t serious, but enough that it wasn’t operating as it should either.  When began to go over the bridge, the dread and overwhelming sense of the fear of God, speaks of the effects of the working revelation of God in my life as God revealed the New Thing that He was going to do in the earth, and the principles of truth it was built on.  This is also reflected in the gigantic crystals that formed and were birthed downwards from the sky, towards the earth.  Each one of them was a part of this revelation that God was planting in my heart at that time, and each was perfect and filled with His glorious light.

Recall however, that the crystals only came on the left side for the most part, and that is because of the weathered spot on the right-hand side of the door.  God will not tolerate any sin whatsoever, so until that lack was cleared up in my spirit, this right-hand side could not produce proper crystals.  It’s also why the one crystal it did produce, had a build up of frost on one of its corners.  This also reveals that what occurred when I stepped onto the bridge was a direct reflection of what was going on inside my spirit and heart, and that is why when the crystals were birthed downwards from the heavens, I was overwhelmed by them and the accompanying fear of God and dread, for they were truly an amazing and powerful things to behold.

Nevertheless, I was able to go across the bridge – which means I walked in the revelation successfully, albeit not as a ‘leader’ as much as a follower, and once across, I walked through every portion of that new land – that is, the New Thing that God was introducing to me at that time.  But I came out of that land so that I could tell everyone who was still on the other side of the bridge and hadn’t crossed over, all about it, and find out why they didn’t search it out as well.  This is very true of what occurred in my life at that time.  This first crossing was meant to be just like the Israelite’s first run into their Promised Land, and just as they were overwhelmed by the ‘giants’ they had to overcome, so I was overwhelmed by the revelations and the circumstances and conditions I had to walk through and overcome that came along with them.

I did in fact go to those various ones that I had once been a part of before I had crossed over the bridge, and asked them why they didn’t come and follow God into the New Thing, and each of them gave their answers.  It’s very much like the parable Jesus spoke regarding people being invited to the wedding feast, and many giving excuses why they couldn’t go to it.  (Matthew 22: 2 – 10)  But one thing I told these people at the very end of the dream, was that I was going to go back into that land again, and when I did I would never come out again.  Well, that’s what Part 2 is all about.

Part 2 is saying that the time to reenter that land has arrived this summer, and this time I’m on my own motorbike – my own power source with the freedom to do as I feel led.  I am observing that the Church has had their event some time ago, it has dwindled down to nothing and is over, and I really am not a part of it at all.  I note also I was looking over my left shoulder to their meadow where their event had taken place, an occurrence that states Pentecost is more about fellowship than leadership in this world.  In this 2nd dream I go down an embankment to the bridge, and as I go down I notice that it is broad daylight at the top of the embankment, evening when I’m halfway down, and dark night when I’m at the bottom.  The broad daylight speaks of the known way of Pentecost – there’s nothing new about it: but the deeper I go into my spirit – or down the embankment, the darker it becomes because this is a New or Unknown way, and that is where I begin my crossing of the bridge.

This time it’s one bridge, but made of rails something like a cattle guard would be made of, though running parallel with the road as if it is part of it, instead of horizontally across it like cattle guards usually do.  My bike fits on one of the rails perfectly so there’s no dread, feeling overwhelmed, or awestruck by the fear of God, because this is one bridge in my spirit now, and I’m used to walking there.  The fact that it’s made of ‘bars’ however, speaks to a time in my life when after waking up one morning, I ‘saw’ bars on my bedroom window.  I could hardly believe my eyes, and it took several times of looking before I realized that what I was seeing was being revealed by the Spirit of God, and was telling me that I was spiritually imprisoned because I had submitted myself beneath someone else who was my spiritual inferior, and really had no business directing me at all.  I had put myself in a spiritual prison therefore, but things had drastically changed now, and these ‘bars’ were under my feet and overcome in this 2nd dream.

That I heard an owl, and a fox, speaks of the demonic forces that will oppose me and try to dissuade me from crossing over into this unknown New Thing that God is doing, but I wasn’t afraid in the least, was not awestruck in any way, and had my focus on God so that nothing distracted or deterred me.  The owl in scripture specifically represents desolation, loneliness, and destruction, while the foxes that ‘spoil the vines’ in scripture, speak of an eroding of fruit or Godly attributes, both of which refer to circumstances and conditions that will arise, in which Satan tries to discourage me from pressing on in, but neither were successful at all.  I went straight over the bridge without a hitch and where did I go?  Up the right-hand side, the side that I couldn’t enter previously because of my trouble relating to the leadership role, which thus means that whatever problem I had in the past in leadership, has been dealt with, and I easily handled it now.  So ENDS THE INTERPRETATION

Author: B.L.Brown

I'm a regular person just like you - no degrees or great accomplishments. However, God's call on my life and my subsequent walk with God, has included some very unique and 'off-the-beaten-path' revelations and experiences that God has taken pains to make sure I properly understood. These were not given for my information or edification alone, but are extremely important truths for the time we have arrived at, and when the anointing is given, they will be vital for people to prepare for Christ's coming. Thus, it is now time for me to share what God has revealed to me, and to provide an outlet for others to share divinely revealed instructions. Let's go!

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