A Dream: Climbing the Tower

July 1, 2018

I had a dream recently in which I saw myself dressed in a winter ski jacket, pants, and boots, climbing an incredibly high tower – which is certainly not likely in this natural world.  I had climbed so high already, that I could see mountain rages below me that looked like they were rocks that could be held in your hand, and yet I had a ways to go if I was going to get to the top.  I came up to a ledge on the tower that was about 14 inches wide and packed with snow, and it was about 4 feet up from where I was currently walking, but somehow I managed to get up onto it and stepped on places on its stairs that were clear enough that I would not slip if I stepped on them.  To my immediate right was the tower itself, which seemed like a sheer cliff – so I have no idea how I thought I would continue.  But then again, to my immediate left was a sheer drop that went straight down from where I was, where, as I said, I could see a mountain range with mountains that looked about the size of a hard ball, so continuing to climb the ledge seemed like the wisest move I could make.

When I got up on it and began climbing up the stairs, all of a sudden I saw to my right, a niche cut out of the sheer rock cliff.  The niche  was about 3 feet deep, 3 feet high and maybe 3-4 feet wide, and in it sat a young man.  He – in absolute contradiction to me, was dressed in some kind of khaki pants and had a sleeveless shirt on, both of which were a very light or tan brown.  He had slightly wavy light brown hair that was about level with the top of his neck, and had a very calm demeanor.   I could see he was writing – with his finger, on a tablet of stone, and that 2 other tablets were between his toes and one end of the niche they were resting against.

As soon as I saw him I said – half by surprise, “Hi!!”, to which he replied in a friendly manner, “Hi! “Would you like some apple juice?”  “Okay,” I said, again very surprised that this is what we were talking about.  He immediately reached over to his left, to a level shelf that had been carved out of the rock, and there sitting on the shelf was a cold glass of apple juice sitting on it.  It looked like it had just come out of the refrigerator, though of course no such item was visible to me.  Handing it to me, I took it and drank, and that was the end of the dream.


I’m not one to have many useless dreams, and this one was so clear I know it has meaning, probably more than I can say right now.  I know that climbing a mountain is precisely what I’m doing in the Spirit right now, and obviously it is very steep and precarious.  The contrast between me being dressed for winter while the young man – say in his early 20’s, was sleeveless and in very light clothing, is almost ridiculous, and yet he seemed to fit what he was doing and where he was doing it.  I can’t think of anyone he would remind me of except Moses – since he’s the only person I relate 2 tablets of stone to, both of which had writing on them by the way, and yet he was in the process of writing a 3rd one.  And if indeed he represented Moses, he looked dressed for the desert for sure.

Our greeting was very friendly and free of trivia and any cautious tones, which I appreciated, but to be offered a ‘glass of apple juice’ is so weird I can hardly believe it was in the dream.  Since I like apples okay, but I’m not wild about them, I have to think that I needed some of the nutrients in an apple to prepare my body for the rest of the climb I had to make.  What those are specifically I don’t know, but it’s so ‘out-of-place’ that’s the meaning I have to attach to it.

Going on the idea that this guy was Moses, that he was in the on his way to finishing the writing on a 3rd tablet says to me that in my climb up this spiritual mountain of God’s purpose for this part of my life, I am approaching the end in the not-too-distant future, and that there is a 3rd Covenant coming that the Church knows next to nothing about.  Some may find this silly, and say to themselves that, ‘we’re not supposed to add anything on to the Bible’, referring to what’s written at the end of Revelation, but I have a few things to say about that.

First, what’s written at the end of Revelation, was for Revelation, not the Bible, since after all, the Bible wasn’t written and compiled together at the time Revelation was recorded.  Secondly, there is enough recorded in the New Testament to tell anyone who reads it that there is a New Thing coming.  Since we know little about it off hand, it could indeed have a 3rd Covenant attached to it, and in fact from some of the things God has said to me, it does.  Obviously from the dream, it’s literally in the midst of being written, but is coming close to the finish where I would think God would reveal it to the world.  That Moses was the one writing its laws, ranks it with the same genuineness as the other two tablets.  And since I’m climbing the mountain, I assume that the 2 books I’m almost finished writing, have something to do with this 3rd Covenant.

If anyone has anything else to add, feel free.

“….for what they have not been told, they will see; and what they have not heard, they will consider.”  Isaiah 52:15

Author: B.L.Brown

I'm a regular person just like you - no degrees or great accomplishments. However, God's call on my life and my subsequent walk with God, has included some very unique and 'off-the-beaten-path' revelations and experiences that God has taken pains to make sure I properly understood. These were not given for my information or edification alone, but are extremely important truths for the time we have arrived at, and when the anointing is given, they will be vital for people to prepare for Christ's coming. Thus, it is now time for me to share what God has revealed to me, and to provide an outlet for others to share divinely revealed instructions. Let's go!

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