Dreams and Interpretations


A number of years ago I had a most unusual dream.  It began with a remnant of people joyously proclaiming promises and prophecies in the Spirit, concerning a bridge that was being built from where they were, over into what I understood was the ‘Promised Land’. It was the land where all of our prayers and the promises God had given His people through the years, would come to pass and be fulfilled.

The bridge was not long in being built, and for all the ‘to-doo’ over it, it was a very small bridge – about 2 feet wide and 6 feet long.  Another strange thing was that after the bridge had been built, no one went across it.  It just sat there.  While I had been observing the cluster of people who built the bridge, I really didn’t feel like I was a part of what was going on until after it had been built, and time had passed.  Then, it almost seemed like it was ‘time’ for me to come to the bridge and make my decision to cross over.

I wondered why no one had crossed over it, so as I began my trek across it, I walked very purposefully and carefully, and I immediately noticed the instant I put my foot on it, that every step I took seemed to bare my heart before God in a way I had never imagined possible.  It was glorious and yet terrifying at the same time – certainly not something to be taken lightly.

I had only taken a step or two when I had the most awesome and terrifying feeling.  A glorious mist seemed to descend upon the bridge, as close as it came to the ground, so it seemed Heaven and earth were coming together and becoming one.  And the moment it descended, I had a most strange and fearful feeling – like the very center of my heart was becoming known, and as I looked up, to my absolute shock, I saw the entire sky that was on my left-hand side, was ‘birthing’ huge, gigantic crystals.  Each one was very round with multiple facets, scintillating, absolutely perfect, and sparkling in the light of this glory; and they seemed to represent or be attached to who I was on the inside of my spirit.  It was as if the deepest, most hidden parts of who I am, was now being revealed for all to see.

As I kept walking, I noticed that the right hand side of the sky, although covered with this glory as well, had not come down and touched the earth like it did on the left, and thus even though it was bringing forth a crystal – only one, the crystal had a slight mar – a build up of frost on one of the lower corners.  While the crystals on the left were round, flawless, numbers, and glorious, there was only one on the right-hand side, and it was tall and slender but slightly imperfect.  Even though I loved the ones on the left, I loved the right-hand one more, and longed for more crystals on that side, to come forth.

Nevertheless, I walked across the bridge, and went off to the land that was on the left-hand side.  I knew I walked on every square foot of it, until I had completely covered the land, and then I came out and went and asked every person whom I knew had participated in building the bridge at the beginning, why they had not gone across it into the Promised Land.  One said they lost interest, one said they got too involved with other things, another said they took on other responsibilities, etc., it was just like hearing the parable of the messenger who was sent to invite people to the wedding, and each one gave their excuses why they couldn’t make it.  The last thing I said to these people was; “I’m going back (into the land), and when I do I’m never coming out again.”



Many years later now, I had a dream where I saw myself standing just to the left-hand side of a road, observing an encampment of what I understood was ‘Christendom’.  I knew that what it thought it was following was ‘over’, finished, and that something new was on the horizon, so I made a choice to leave them and proceed down the other side of the small embankment.  I was riding a bike in this dream, so going down the embankment of about 10 -12 feet, was no problem, but as I was going down the other side, whereas it had been daylight at the top of it, half-way down it was evening, and by the time I got to the bottom – which was only seconds, it was pitch black out.   I could still make out that there was a small bridge at the bottom of the gully, that crossed over a small stream, although I can’t say for sure that I noticed there was any water in it.

The bridge was nothing short of a cattle guard except the bars ran lengthwise instead of laterally, thus my bike easily sped across the bridge by me choosing which bar I would travel on.  The bars were just as wide as the bike’s tires, so it was easy traveling.  However, just as I was crossing the bridge, I heard the distinct ‘Hooo-hooo-hoo’ of an owl.  Only once did it make this cry, and while I was pondering it, I then heard the clear ‘ow-ow’ of what I knew was a fox.  Again, only once did I hear it, but both struck me.  I then got across the bridge and began to travel up a steep embankment that went off to the right.

(Interpretation) Though this dream was had in 2018, I do believe it is referring to this year 2019 – as the year of the bridge – and is saying that we are going from an old thing – the group of ‘Christendom’ that I saw off on the left side of the road, into a new thing.  This is why it involves going from light into darkness, and is a very narrow path – one tire-width wide; and also why it is a steep embankment that we go up on the other side.  Obviously it also involves demonic interference – the owl and the fox, because Satan does not want us to cross over into God’s New Thing, and start making headway against him.

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